Stick Candles

Maple Stick Candles

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Dark chocolate
Honeysuckle Brownn
White Chocolate
Key Lime
Robin Blue
Lemon Sorbet
Forest Green
Dark Cherry
Watermelon Pink

Brand:  Stick Candles

Stick Candles are 100 % Beeswax. Hand Cast from Sticks, Twigs and Branches. Each individual candle is poured one at a time.

18  Inches Tall ~ Universal Base fits from 5/8" to 1" Receptacles

17  Hour Burn Time

Available in Lemon Sorbet, Robin's Egg Blue, Honeysuckle Brown, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Key Lime, Forest Green, & Dark Cherry 

The Maple Stick Candle is cast from a section of branch with mature and immature nodes and smooth bark.

The Maple Stick Candle is a best seller for its versatility and wide selection of colorways.